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Attendance PolicyGo To Top of Page

Any student accumulating 5.5 absences in a class will lose a credit.

Tardies are equal to ½ of an absence.

Example - a student is absent 3 times and tardy 6 would equal 6 absences so this would result in a loss of credit for that class.

All absences excused-unexcused and cuts all count towards loss of credit. 

*Updated 8-2016

2019-2020 Dress CodeGo To Top of Page


School dress need not be a major issue in student's education. The parents should be as concerned as the school staff in the fact that the student's dress reflects his/her pride in school and his/her family. The school environment is part of their preparation for the future, so we have traditionally maintained that a student comes to school in much the same dress he/she is expected to wear in a typical business environment.


  • short-shorts or miniskirts; (defined as no shorter than the extended finger tips when the arm of the student is held straight down by their side)
  • pants worn below the waistline;
  • undergarments showing;
  • clothing exposing midriff area, tube tops, halter tops, tops exposing cleavage, and backless tops; (all tops must have shoulder straps or neck straps at least ½ inch in width)
  • unapproved costumes;
  • T-shirts or other clothing or any jewelry with vulgar words, pictures, or phrases that promote sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang activity or advocate violence
  • shoeless; dirty or wet clothing;
  • T-shirts that are not outer wear quality.

If it is determined that the student is wearing inappropriate clothing, he/she will be required to change into the appropriate clothing. If a student is asked to change their clothing, call home for assistance, or require time away from class to change, the time missed will be recorded as an unexcused absence for the time missed. The decision concerning appropriateness of dress remains with the administration. Repeat offenders will be considered to be in defiance of authority and the appropriate penalty shall be imposed.

Regardless of color, any article of clothing displaying gang colors, or affiliation in any manner, is prohibited.



Drug DogsGo To Top of Page

Willows High periodically utilizes the services of the Glenn County Sheriff's Department to provide school-wide canine patrols and searches for drugs and alcohol. These scheduled activities are unannounced to students and coordinated through the Assistant Principal's office throughout the year.

Electronic Signaling Device Policy (Mobile phones, etc)Go To Top of Page

Willows High School

Electronic Signaling Device Student Use Guidelines

  •  No student may use a cell phone, musical device, or electronic device during instructional time in or out of the classroom. Instructional time begins with the tardy bell and ends with the release bell.
  • Student cell phones, musical devices, or electronic signaling devices that are in use, heard ringing, or vibrating, etc., during instructional time will be confiscated by WHS staff.
  • Student use of photography, video, or sound recording devices is strictly forbidden at all times in locker rooms, restrooms, dressing areas, classrooms, offices, and school vehicles unless a student has staff permission. Such use may also be in violation of the criminal code.



·       1st violation in school year :   Electronic device will be confiscated, given to the administration, and student can retrieve it at the end of the day. A notation will be made in the student's school record. One hour of detention will be assigned.

·       2nd violation in a school year:   Electronic device will be confiscated, given to administration, and parent or guardian is required to pick up confiscated item. A notation will be made in student's school record. One hour of detention will be assigned.

·       3rd violation in a school year:    Electronic device will be confiscated and given to administration. Notation will be made in student's record. Saturday school will be assigned.

·       Students with repeat offenses:   Students with repeat offenses after the 3rd violation will lose use of all electronic devices for the remainder of the school year. Any violation after the 3rd in a school year will result in suspension.

·       Students with special needs:       Students that require the use of electronic devices during instructional time must have administrative approval PRIOR to using the device or the device is subject to confiscation.

·       Bottom Line: Do not use an electronic device during instructional time!   


Homework PolicyGo To Top of Page

Because education is a lifelong process extending beyond the school, it is important that students recognize that learning occurs in the home and community. Homework is one means of teaching the necessary skills of independent study and learning outside the school environment.

A broad definition of homework is considered here to include not only written work, but also related activities such as viewing specific television programs, news reporting, recreational reading, and other activities related to classroom work, which are assigned to be done at home.