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Principal’s Message: David Johnstone

Principal's Message

August 26th, 2020
Hello Honker Family Parents and Guardians,
I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, and making healthy adjustments to life as we now know it.  I know that the California Education Department’s current decision has left many of us with mixed feelings.  On the one hand, students and staff will remain safer during extended full remote/online learning.  On the other hand, students thrive on interaction with their peers, school staff, and in a routine that sends them to the familiar and supportive surroundings of school the way it's always been up to now.  Nobody is truly celebrating any decision barring a full and safe return to school.  Until then, we will continue to keep you connected to the school in multiple ways.  You will be hearing from your student's advisor with them reaching out to build a bridge to the school, and to help you feel involved in your student's educational life.  We will continue to consistently embed social emotional learning into your student’s education. We will continue to offer opportunities for students to stay engaged with teachers, counselors, and to participate in clubs and virtual social events at our school.  We know how important this connection is, and we will meet and fulfill that need.
Teachers are taking attendance to document the number of student contacts with teachers occurring each week to include attending  Zoom classroom  instruction (Distance Learning), turning in assignments, emailing the teacher, using Remind tools to make contact or respond to teachers and more.  We will be reaching out to families and students we have not heard from to try to pull you closer to the school if needed, and to provide support, answer questions, or just let you know we are here for you. We are taking attendance in every class, every day.
If you are having trouble making any kind of contact with our school, please let me know, and I'll respond and connect you with who to contact or speak with. We, at Willows High School, are committed to excellent customer service, returning phone calls, emails and answering phones each week day from 7-3:30.
We only have 59 families left who have not completed the online Data Confirmation through the Parent Portal.  If you have not done this process, please do so as soon as possible.
We have handed out nearly all the Chromebooks we have.  We have just enough for our freshmen distribution on August 27th.  If you, for any reason, need a Chromebook please call 934-6611 to schedule an appointment for pick up.
For our juniors and seniors, we are working toward providing college preparation virtual presentations and support sessions, but are a bit delayed given that we are awaiting information on exact college entrance requirements given delays/cancellation of ACT/SAT testing, and there are so many differences this school year. We want to have all the clarification you need before we present, so thank you for your patience.
Our school counselors are working hard to address school schedule change requests, and it takes some time.  We are only allowing schedule changes for students who need classes added/changed/deleted to meet graduation requirements. If your student is in an elective that he/she chose as a primary or alternative request on the pre-registration card last February or March, he/she probably will not be able to now choose a different elective.  Thank you for understanding.
When students return to school in person, Willows High School will have a full online option for students/parents who do not wish to return to school in person.  We are in the planning stages for this, and we will reach out to you all when we get closer to returning in person.  Meanwhile, if you know families or students who withdrew to William Finch, a charter school, home school or a private school to avoid in-person instruction when we return to that model, students are welcome to re-enroll at Willows High School.  If you would like to re-enroll at Willows High School, contact our registrar at
We are recommending that students keep their cameras on during Zoom classroom instruction for fuller engagement, better accountability, putting a face to a name, and to increase socialization with peers.  Please let your teachers know if keeping your camera on is a problem and why, and your teachers will work with you. Zoom classroom expectations are: Get a good night's sleep, get up early, do your morning routine and dress in school appropriate clothing.  It is also important to your success to be able to login to your Zoom classroom ontime from a quiet, dedicated space for learning.   As always we want you to be present and eager to learn.
Willows High School Bell Schedule
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Thank you for keeping informed and reading these long correspondences.
We love our Honkers!
Welcome back to new opportunities in these unusual times.
David Johnstone, Principal

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Phone: (530) 934-6611.

David Johnstone
, ext. 7001

Principal's Secretary/Attendance:
Shelley Taylor, ext. 7001

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director:
Greg Kitchen, ext 7009

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Amy Baker, ext. 7002

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School Nurse:
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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)


H:  Honorable individuals who:

  • Demonstrate respect and interact positively when working with their peers
  • Demonstrate habits of punctuality and reliability
  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty

O:  Organized students who:

  • Successfully complete the Senior Portfolio
  • Utilize a variety of organizational tools, using both technology and traditional materials

N:  Network savvy students who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic technology skills, both in academic, career and personal settings
  • Seek a variety of outside resources to identify and research problems and find solutions

K:  Knowledgeable individuals who:

  • Make adequate yearly progress toward or beyond both the district and the state proficiency standards
  • Produce finished products, using a variety of resources, as evidence of standard-based understanding
  • Successfully complete the Health and Physical Education requirements to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Graduates who complete A-G coursework and are able to successfully enter college, a four year university, trade school, the military or the workforce

E:  Effective communicators who:

  • Read, write, speak and listen proficiently and effectively in English
  • Analyze and articulate ideas clearly, creatively and effectively through oral, written and artistic expression
  • Are able to self-advocate

R:  Responsible and productive citizens who:

  • Contribute time, energy and talents to improve the quality of their community through the incorporation of community service hours
  • Take responsibility for their choices and actions
  • Fill out a resume and job application, register to vote, and are prepared to give back to the community