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Important message from Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele
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Counseling Staff
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 Name Position
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Tom Bryant
Junior/Senior Counselor
Amy Steele
Freshmen/Sophomore Counselor   1
Yolanda Lederer
Registrar  1

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Willows High School has one counselor for freshmen and sophomores and one counselor for juniors and seniors. Counselors monitor the progress of each student on a regular basis to meet student needs in three major areas: academic development, career development and personal/social development. Counselors assist students in meeting graduation requirements and being prepared for post-graduation training, vocation and education options.
Counselors work with teachers and administration, as well as parents and many outside agencies. Students and parents are invited to contact their counselors at any time and to set up an appointment when needed.

Important message from Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele
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Even during this crazy time, we hope that your summer has been fun and you are looking forward to the upcoming year.  Welcome to all of our incoming freshmen!  If you have not heard, school will start on Tuesday, September 1st.
Your 2020-2021 schedule will soon be viewable on your Aeries Portal.  The master schedule was made from classes students selected in the spring.  Your individual schedule was made based on the courses you selected, teachers’ recommendations and availability. 
A change to your schedule will only be made if you were placed in a class inappropriately.  If you need to make a schedule change, please take some time to look at the master schedule here.  If you need to view your transcript to see your requirements and past grades, it is also available on your Aeries Portal.  It is important to realize that many sections are closed; so you might want to have several possibilities lined out.  At this point, Glenn County is not allowing any students on campus; however, Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele will be happy to help you through phone appointments.  Please call the Counseling Office at 530-934-6611 ex. 1 to set-up an appointment time. 
Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele

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Academic recognition is stressed through a wide variety of methods:

  • Honor Roll
  • Academic Decathlon
  • Academic Award Assemblies
  • California Scholarship Federation
  • Academic Blocks
  • Business Partnership