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Willows High School is a four-year comprehensive high school. It is located in Glenn County in the fertile Northern Sacramento Valley. 

Willows High School was granted a six-year accreditation in 2018 and prides itself in preparing students for several different avenues beyond high school. On the average, 40% of each class over the last five years took the SAT and 19% took the ACT as part of their preparation for higher education. The many Career Technical Education Programs offered at the school provides students options for vocational pathways.

There is a wide range of sports teams for both males and females to participate in. In addition to the athletics program, there are many student clubs and activities.

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Willows High School prides itself in being a safe, clean, well-kept campus. Our custodians clean the school on a daily. District-wide maintenance and grounds personnel are available to all schools in the district, providing well-groomed landscaping and ensuring that the facilities are always in operational order.

Willows High School Construction Dates:

  • Ag Building -- Unit 600 -- 1947
  • Main Building/Boiler 200 -- 1948
  • Garage -- 1950
  • Ag Storage/Greenhouse -- 1952
  • Auto Shop/Unit 300 -- 1963
  • Cafetorium/Gym Unit -- 100 1965
  • Industrial Arts Shops -- Units 400-500 -- 1976
  • Counseling -- enclosed, was a porch -- 1967
  • Special Ed. Classroom (with GCOE) ~ 2000's

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Written by 2007-2008 Honker Sports Reporters

The life of the Honker mascot returned for a one game stay Friday, September 21, 2007, during the game with the Corning Cardinals. With an experienced mascot carrier from the 70s, Herkimer, the golden goose sprung to life at every touchdown. 

For those who have graduated after 1989, unfortunately they never witnessed Herkimer at his best. Thanks to Vicki, carrier, and Bill Montz, owner of the golden goose, Herkimer was able to fly against the Corning Cardinals during the game at every touchdown. 

Several Corning Cheerleaders asked, "What is that?" That is our school's mascot come to life.  Before it became illegal to have a live animal high school mascot, WHS had one Canadian Honker that represented our school in spirit and in song. 

The spirit in our mascot is not the same as it was before.  Until the 1989 ban against live mascots, the alumni of WHS were proud to display our golden goose to opponents during the football game as well as in school and community parades. To those who graduated before the ban, they will always have the vision of Herkimer serving as a reminder of the school that educated them, spirit of fellowship, and of the colors they hold so true: purple and gold.

Having Herkimer at the game with Corning shows younger generations that the alumni from the 70s still have school spirit.